EcoHeat S Review

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What is the EcoHeat S?

EcoHeat SPeople would argue that Fall and Winter are the best seasons of the year. There are a lot of holidays, the weather gives you the perfect season aesthetic for pictures, and it’s just the time of year where everyone can gather around together and reunite. Back in the day people would surround a fireplace and share stories and be together for this time of the year, but now a lot of houses don’t come with build in fireplaces.

How are you supposed to spend time and bond with your friends and family and keep warm? This is where we introduce the newest member of the heater family, the EcoHeat S.

The EcoHeat S is said to be the most revolutionary heater that we have currently available to us on the market. Think about the heaters that you own now, they take a long time to heat up, they use up a lot of power that will shoot your bills way up into the sky, and they only heat up a small space of your home. We make these heaters work because we don’t have another choice, if we don’t us them we’ll freeze, so we make do with what we have. But you don’t have to do what anymore if you buy yourself an EcoHeat S.

Not to mention, the EcoHeat S heater will make sure that you and your family are safe. It won’t overheat and if it falls over, the machine is mart enough to stop the heat before it gets too warm. This is a feature you don’t find in any of the bigger heaters that you can buy at the store.

EcoHeat S may be small but don’t count it out of the race just yet. This machine is smaller than the other heaters and it is a lot lighter to carry around.

You might see this as a negative because if it’s smaller and lighter that means that it does less work and it’s not going to heat up a big area, but that is not the case at all.

EcoHeat S Specifications and Options

EcoHeat S specificationsThe EcoHeat S heater only needs 2 seconds to start heating up your home. Most heaters will need a few minutes to actually start pushing out the warm air to your home but thanks to the advanced heating element inside of this heater, this machine will start working a lot faster than the other heaters.

The EcoHeat S allows you to control the temperature. If you want it to be a certain temperature in your home, you can preset it so that when the machine is on it will heat up your home to your desired temperature and then it will turn off. This is a great time to mention that this machine has an auto off feature. Once it runs for a few hours or it reaches the temperature that you want your home to be, it will turn itself off. If you set it up to do that, that is.

See, this heater comes with so many different options, you have a lot more control over the EcoHeat than you do any other heater on the market. There are other heaters that might allow an auto off switch, but no other heater is going to work as fast or as efficiently as the EcoHeat S heater.

And the size really doesn’t matter. In fact, it is a good thing that the EcoHeat S is small. Most heaters are large and heavy. They are hard to move around. But having one that is compact and as powerful as this one, you can freely move it around your home whenever you feel it is necessary.

EcoHeat S ReviewThe EcoHeat S is easy to pick up and move, so if you want to heat up the room that you are in, you can freely do so without having to carry something heavy around.

It also has a rotation feature so that you aren’t just heating up a direct line in your home. It can do a 70 degree turn so that whatever room you have it set up in can get warm all at once. The EcoHeat S also comes with an LED display so you can easily use it in the dark or at night without having to use a light to see what you are doing.

But it doesn’t stop there. I know you must be thinking that we’re done, but not yet. There is one more feature I want to mention and that is the fan. Oh yeah, the EcoHeat S isn’t just a heater that you are going to use in the winter and then put in the closet until next year.

The EcoHeat S also comes with a fan feature that will cool off your home. It’s like a box fan but smaller and a lot quieter.

Our EcoHeat S Review

We found the EcoHeatS a great product. It is very easy to use and due to its light weight it is easy to carry around.

We also liked the fact that you can use the EcoHeat S to cool down your rooms in the summer and the fact that it starts working withing a couple of seconds.

The design of this heater is very modern and it will look well in any room.

Other features we liked were the safety feature which switches of the EcoHeat S in case it falls over and the oscillation option which is great for larger rooms.

Ecoheat S Discount

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So now you are getting a heater that you can use even when it’s hot. What are you waiting for? Go online and buy yourself one of these heaters while they are still in stock and available.