Keyless PRO Review

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Imagine having a full size keyboard that fits into your pocket. With the Keyless PRO Virtual laser keyboard you can! Read our review here.

What is the Keyless PRO virtual laser keyboard?

Keyless PROKeyless PRO is a virtual laser keyboard which connects to your Smartphone or Tablet via Bluetooth. Keyless PRO transforms your smartphone or tablet into a computer, allowing keyboard input comfort, anytime, anywhere.

It is ideal for the modern remote worker and is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows smartphones and tablets. Great for when you are on the go and want to type an email without having to use the small keyboard on your screen.

The Keyless PRO laser keyboard can also be used as a mouse, enabling you to use your phone without having to use the touchscreen.

The laser keyboard saves you from wires and the hassle of having to carry a keyboard and mouse, and does it with style.

Next to it being a virtual laser keyboard the device can also be used as a portable power-bank to charge your phone or tablet via the Micro-USB connection.

How does the Keyless PRO keyboard Work?

Using the Keyless PRO is very easy, you simply connect it to your device via Bluetooth and start using it.

A red laser will project a full QWERTY keyboard measuring around 11 x 25 centimetres and an infrared sensor keeps track of where your fingers are.

Keyless PRO ReviewEvery time you type you will hear a short beep (which you can turn off) to confirm that confirm that your command has been received by the device and your phone. The Keyless PRO virtual laser keyboard is capable of up to 350 characters per minute so it suits people who type fast as well.

Using the laser keyboard as a mouse is an option as well. You simply move your fingers across the virtual keyboard and the device will detect your movements and act as a normal mouse.

The Keyless PRO works best inside or in an environment with low to medium light as bright lights might affect the built in laser.

Next to Bluetooth you can also connect the Keyless PRO keyboard via a USB cable, ideal for device which do not have Bluetooth or when you want to use the keyboard and another device at the same time.

The device has a 700mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery which you can fully charge in under 90 minutes by simply plugging the USB cable into a wall-socket.

Keyless PRO is very portable and fits easily in your pocket or backpack, the dimensions are 78 x 40 x 20 millimetres and it weights just under 70 grams. It also comes with a small cord to carry the device.

Next to a laser keyboard and mouse you can also use Keyless PRO to charge your phone, tablet or other device via the Micro-USB which you can find at the side of the Keyless PRO.

When you order the Keyless PRO keyboard it comes with an English manual and an USB-Cable.

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 78 x 40 x 20 millimetres
  • Keyboard Dimensions:  11 x 25  centimetres
  • Keyboard Layout: QWERTY
  • Weight: 60 grams
  • Battery: 700mAh lithium-ion  (rechargeable)
  • Connections: Micro-USB
  • Compatible OS: Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows
  • Characters per minute: up to 350

Our Keyless PRO Review

We were initially not sure if we had any use for this gadget but after using the product for a while we started wondering how we ever survived without it.

In this day and age we use our smartphone more and more as small laptop. We use our smartphone to check our mails, shop online or read the latest news.

Keyless PRO SpecificationsOne thing that is stopping us from using our smartphone to its full advantage is the small screen and especially the fiddly on-screen keyboards.

So by using a virtual keyboard like the Keyless PRO you can use your phone to its full extent and do what you would normally do on your laptop without having to carry your laptop with you everywhere you go.

The device is easy to carry and really helps you doing day to day tasks while on the go. We used it go write emails, browse the internet and even partly to write this article.

Setting up the Keyless PRO is a matter of switching it on and connecting it to your phone via Bluetooth. To use the device you simply switch it on and the keyboard will show. A manual with instructions is included but as the device is so simple to use we doubt that you will ever need it.

It takes a bit of practice to get used to typing on a surface like a table, but after a while you get used to it and start to see the advantages of using the Keyless PRO.

The device is great when used indoor with not too much light but do not try to use it outside as bright sunlight will make the keyboard hard to read and it will not work properly.

We have tried to use the device as a portable power-bank, but doing so at the same time when you are using the keyboard does not work well. The battery gets drained very quickly so it is best to use this device just as a portable laser keyboard.

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